Wednesday, December 5, 2007

"Trial of the Monkey" Not the Winner

I was waiting to hear whether the play I wrote, "Trial of the Monkey" won a local contest and I'm sorry to say that it did not. Congratulations to the winning play (announced next week). I still think that it's a good play with a socio-political message. I will post it on it's own website so that it can be read and enjoyed (and maybe even performed). If you are interested, contact me: Click Here to See Trial of the Monkey
Update(12/25/07): I want to point out that the play can be viewed as a cute story about a monkey, even as a children's story, but it is really a satirical allegory for the xenophobic country of my origin. I think that it carries an important political message. It is one of three I'd like to write in this vein to capture different aspects of our society and culture. This one is about xenophobia and class struggles. The next will be about mass media and the destructiveness of a foreign policy based on ignorance. The third will be about the dark side of technological advances.


Rena said...

Hi, just found your site(s) through a comment at Americablog, which I found insightful. Surprised to see not a political blog, but rather creative writing.

I admire writers too and always aspired to be one, except for disliking the hard part -- the actual writing.

So keep it up and good luck...I'll bookmark and read when I get a chance.

Steve Terranova said...

Thanks, I had a political blog that mostly consisted of VERY angry rants. I didn't think it was accomplishing anything, so now I leave the political blogging to others (still putting up the occasional comment at places like Americablog, Daily Kos, Atrios and others). I like trying to channel my energy into writing. I've never considered myself an artist, so this is as close to it as I'm going to get.