Thursday, November 29, 2007

Before Santa: The Secret Origins of Santa Claus

I just posted this story, which can be seen here. It was turned down by The Rogue Voice, a local literary journal. Presumably, it was too "rogue." It's too late to submit it to another journal with the hope of publishing by Christmas, so I put it up on its own blog. It is a lighthearted attempt to put together some urban legends about the origins of Santa Claus and his psychedelic, shroomin' ways. I also included some Norse mythology and Viking history. Enjoy.

Update(12/25/07): This story got a slight bit of buzz by my own doing this year. I am hoping it will give it some momentum by next Christmas. It is also my hope that it will highlight what was lost when the Church squashed paganism. It takes place a thousand years ago, so I had to let my imagination fill in most of the details, but I believe that it has elements of truth to it, particularly in terms of the use of psychedelic mushrooms in pre-Christian times, which I believe is important in understanding some of the mythology of the time.

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